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Bao Canyon Beauty

Bao Canyon Beauty


I was deeply moved when I finished this necklace, the culmination of an emotional journey while crafting the two largest pieces in this collection. Pushing through the challenges to bring this idea to life was incredibly rewarding. This necklace takes western style to a new level, it packs a distinct country vibe. It's both rugged and subtly feminine, featuring a standout piece of Boa Canyon Turquoise accented with small silver beads. The magnolia chain links, chosen with care, add just the right amount of detail. This is truly a collector's item, and I can't wait for someone special to take it home.

This is 19” in total length but can be lengthened or shortened. Just leave me a note before checking out.

51granms in weight

Hallmarked with my makers mark and .925 sterling silver quality stamp.

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